Plan 9 at the Advanced Computing Laboratory

This is the original "Plan 9 at the Advanced Computing Lab" site at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Due to the inability of people there to keep the site running, we present a mirror in hopes that you will find the information, tips and files here useful. The site will not be updated anymore, it is here only as a reference (and a historical document).

The Centre is dead.

Plan 9

Plan 9 is a distributed operating system from Bell-Labs. It is developed by the Computing Sciences Research center, by the same group that developed Unix and C.

The key ideas of Plan 9 are: 1) All resources are presented as files, 2) files are manipulated using a standard protocol (9p) independent of whether they are local or remote, 3) each process has a local namespace which provides a customized view of local and remote resources as files.

Unlike UNIX, where networking was added as an afterthought, Plan 9 was designed as a distributed system. Any remote resource can be made available to the network via the 9p protocol. These features make Plan 9 ideal for a distributed scientific computing environment.

Plan 9 at the Advanced Computing Laboratory

Members of the ACL Advanced Systems, and Cluster Research teams are involved in various areas of research and development using the Plan 9 operating system. Some of our current projects are listed below. A number of us use plan 9 as our daily work environment.

Our current research plan 9 network consists of a fileserver Vampira, a cpu/auth server gateway Plan9, a number of terminals and secondary cpu servers including 12 machines in a powerwall configuration. We also have a small plan 9 network consisting a fileserver, cpu/auth server and a single terminal used for testing purposes.

Device Drivers

A 3rd Ed. driver for the rtl8139 network card.

A driver for the sis900 network card.

A driver for some Xircom pcmcia network cards.

Tweaks to the Acenic/ga620 GigE driver to support more cards and improve performance.

A port of the Acenic/ga620 GigE driver to the fileserver kernel.

Tweaks to the 3rd Ed. ec2t ethernet driver to support more cards.

A port of the ec2t ethernet driver to the 3rd Ed. ipaq "bitsy" kernel.

devpci: a 3rd Ed. device to read/write to random memory addresses from userland.

4th Ed. support for Geforce 4 Ti 4600.

Ports of unix software

Ports of some xscreensaver programs.

A port of the XaoS portable realtime fractal zoomer to plan 9 2nd/3rd/4th Ed.

A port of the Haskell programming language.

A port of the Objective Caml programming language.

A port of the ZPL programming language.

A port of the netpipe program.

A port of the povray ray tracing program.

FreeBSD paste program.

patch program.

Gnu diffutils.

Plan 9 software

message passing software for plan 9.

A first cut at a very simple screen lock program.

Rio patch for transparent window creation and resize.

a very simple graphics program.

a simple minesweeper game.

booting plan 9 from flash .

Changing max 9p packet size for 3rd Ed.

Improving Plan9 tcp/ip performance.

Local Resources

plan 9 network page for info on the setup of our plan 9 network.

old plan 9 network page for info on the setup of our original plan 9 network.

3rd -> 4th Ed. network upgrade notes.

Notes on installing various software packages on plan 9.

tips page for tips on how to do random stuff in plan 9.

scripts page for rc scripts for plan9.

small programs we use in plan 9.

Notes on installing plan 9 on various hardware.

Notes on installing plan 9 3rd Ed. on the Compaq ipaq "Bitsy" .

Remote Resources

Bell-labs Plan 9 website.

Plan 9 Wiki.

Plan 9 and Inferno software distributions from Vita Nuova.

Plan 9 FAQ.

Russ Cox's Plan 9 page.

Charles Forsyth's plan 9 pages.

Tad's plan 9 page.

URJC plan 9 page.

9fans mailing list archive.

Plan 9 LXR browsable online source code.

Last Modified: Apr 21 2003