small programs

cdate: A small program to convert seconds since the epoch into a human readable date. Useful to determine the dates of update wraps which have been installed on a system.
	term% ls /wrap/plan9
	term% ./cdate 991073352
	Mon May 28 12:09:12 MDT 2001

xargs: version of the unix xargs command by

authchk: command to check authenication to plan9 source fileserver by

if you're having trouble authenticating, this will help you figure out whether the problem is ndb or your password. if this program successfully connects, then it's probably that your password has been mangled/forgotten/etc.

g% 8c authchk.c
g% 8l authchk.8
g% 8.out
addr net!!ticket

Last Modified: Jun 12 2002