Port of the acenic GigE driver to the 3rd/4th ed. fileserver kernel

We use the driver in our primary fileserver, however it has not be tested with other hardware, use at your own risk.

4th Edition:

First make a copy of the fileserver kernel:

cd /sys/src/fs/
mkdir test
cp emelie/9pcfs.c test/9testfs.c
cp emelie/dat.h emelie/fns.h emelie/io.h emelie/mem.h test
sed '1s/pc/test/' test/mkfile
cd test
Make any modifications you want, e.g. change RBUFSIZE in dat.h from 16*1024, to 4*1024, if you want to use 4k blocks like the old plan9pc fileserver kernel. add the following files:





3rd Edition:




mkfile all of these go in /sys/src/fs/plan9pc

Last Modified: May 24 2002