Driver for xircom pcmcia ethernet cards

Note: this driver was developed for the 3rd ed. currently untested with the 4th ed.

This driver is for Xircom RealPort PCMCIA ethernet cards. It is still very rough, lots of functions have not been implemented yet. Computing the received packet length is done in a ugly way, because of a problem with the Rpc1 register. This appears to be a problem with the way we are setting up the card as the same problems appears on all the xircom based cards we have tried.

The driver has been tested with the following cards:

	Xircom Creditcard Ethernet CE3B-100BTX
	Xircom Realport2 R2E-100BTX
	Xircom Realport RE-100BTX (old and new versions)
	Intel Pro/100 Mobile PC Card MBLA1600
Other xircom based non-cardbus single function cards should be easy to support as well, if you have such a card and are interested in using it with this driver please email with the details of the card and the output of aux/pcmcia.

The driver was originally developed using an older version of the RE-100BTX card. With the newer versions of this card the MII is not detected correctly, yet the card and driver seems to function just fine. This only applies to the RE-100BTX, other cards do not have this problem. Newer version of the RE-100BTX can be identifed because they have the MAC address on the back of the card.

The driver is known not to work w/ dual function cards such as the REM56G-100.

Feb 15th version: Initial version, with support for older versions of the RE-100 only.

Mar 9th version: Added support for more cards, statistics, initialization for dingo cards (driver does not function with dual function cards yet), and the ablity to select speed using media= directives in plan9.ini



Last Modified: May 24 2002