Plan9 rc scripts

Charon: A script to launch the charon web browser. Uses the script charon to start inferno with only charon running.

catn: Like cat -n on unix, prints linenumbers before each line. Useful in acme to display line numbers. Use the third button on :, to select all lines and then the second button on | catn to display linenumbers.

chgrpr: Recursive changegroup command-this will go down a directory tree and change the group or user to the specified name using du.

chgrpr: another way to do chgrpr.

chmodr: Recursive change mode command-this will go down a directory tree and change the permissions of all files

chmod: another way to do chmodr.

cpr: recursive copy-a very simple one line program. this uses tar to gather up a tree and moves it to a specified location. Just like dircp but sets the mode and modify time to that of the original files.

sfind: very simple version of the unix find command using du

find:'s find.

find: Another version of find.

findgrep: find files which contain a regexp.

head: A simple version of the unix head command, to print the first n lines of a file (default 10 lines) Uses sed.


Note: in the 4th Ed. the "Q" option in acme replaces this fuctionality.

allows you to look at a message while replying to it if using acme mail. acme normally does not let you view the message while replying-this allows you to do that. to use: 1. select text to reply to with button 1 (or use button 3 on :, to select all )

type ireply in message bar and run w/ button 2

select reply in message bar and run with button 2

use the button 1,3 chord to paste text into reply

remove Include: line from message and type your reply

kbind: An example of using bind to add your own modified files into the kernel source before building it. Allows you you build a modifed kernel without messing w/ the files in /sys/src.

lsr: like ls -R using du.

reboot: A simple reboot script

rmdir: like rm -rf uses du.

rmdir: another rmdir

Russ Cox's page: This page has many more useful shell scripts for plan9.

Last Modified: Jun 12 2002