Driver for the rtl8139 ethernet card

4th ed. files:

Driver is included in the 4th ed. distro.

3rd ed. files:


Mar 7 patch

This bundle contains 3 files:
	README			- this file
	ether8139.c.kernel	- copy to /sys/src/9/pc
	ether8139.c.9load	- copy to /sys/src/boot/pc

To add to the kernel:
	1) do the above copy;
	2) edit whatever configuration file you use to add
		ether8139	pci
	   in the 'link' section;
	3) mk

To add to 9load:
  	1) do the above copy;
        2) in /sys/src/boot/pc/load.c after
                { "AMD79C970", amd79c970reset, },
                { "RTL8139", rtl8139pnp, },
           and after
 		 extern int amd79c970reset(Ether*);
                extern int rtl8139pnp(Ether*);
        3) in /sys/src/boot/pc/mkfile after
        4) mk

The 'type' of the interface for plan9.ini is 'rtl8139', e.g.

The driver will handle RTL8139 chips which have had the PCI Vendor
and Device ID changed, e.g. the SMC EZ-Card. There is a table in the
driver containing (VendorID<<16)|DeviceID to match against. E.g. the
generic Realtek value is (0x8139<<16)|0x10EC and the SMC EZ-Card is
It is possible to tell the driver to match against a new card not in
the table by supplying the PCI ID in a plan9.ini option, e.g.
	ether0=type=rtl8139 id=0x813910EC
If you come across such a card, please let us know so it can be added
to the internal driver table.


Last Modified: May 24 2002