Bitsy setup

Instructions on how to install plan9 on the bitsy come with the distribution in /sys/src/9/bitsy/Booting101.

To install plan9 on the ipaq we used an compaq sp700 running plan9 and a IBM Thinkpad T21 running windows2000. The first step is to install a default install of plan9 w/ all updates on the sp700. We did a network install followed by the updates:

	wrap/inst -ov 03270425a.9gz
	wrap/inst -ov 03270507.9gz

It is easy to get the updates wrong, our initial attempt to install on the ipaq resulted in the prompter crashing on every boot, a reinstall of the plan9 build host fixed the problem.

Next build the arm distribution and bitsy loader and kernel:

	cd /sys/src
	mk clean
	objtype=arm mk install
	cd /sys/src/cmd/aux/flashfs
	objtype=arm mk install
	mk clean

	cd /sys/src/boot/arm
	objtype=arm mk install
	mk clean

	cd /sys/src
	mk clean

	cd /arm
	chgrp sys *
	chgrp sys */*
	chgrp sys */*/*
	chgrp -u sys *
	chgrp -u sys */*
	chgrp -u sys */*/*
	cd /sys/src/9/bitsy
	objtype=arm mk 'CONF=bitsy' 9bitsy
Next add any extra files you want to /sys/src/9/bitsy/sacfiles and make some modifications to the files as well as /sys/src/9/bitsy/armsac.proto Our setup is here . It is important to add the missing unicode.6.font file. Next make the ramdisk
	cd  /sys/src/9/bitsy
	objtype=arm mk ramdisk

The next step is to use the window box to save a copy of wince and then load the linux bootloader onto the ipaq. Instructions on how to do this are available from The steps are:

Much additional info on the bitsy has be posted to the 9fans mailing list, many by here as some of the posts:

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Last Modified: May 24 2002