Installing software on the 3rd Ed.

OS updates

If your base install is from the vitanouva cd, to install the 0327 updates:
	gunzip < wrap0730.tar | tar x
	wrap/inst -ov 07291014.9gz
	wrap/inst -ov 10140327.9gz
look at the files that failed to install, on our case this was some wrap binaries and /lib/vgadb. Make a backup copy of these files and then force an install of the updates:
	wrap/inst -Fov 10140327.9gz
then apply any changes to the files that were replaced.


See the install instructions on Vita Nouva's web page.

Add the inferno user and group by adding the following lines to /adm/users


extract the inferno files into a location such as /dist. Make sure all the files are owned by inferno with group inf.

run the inferno install script:

     mkdir /usr/inferno
     chgrp inf /usr/inferno
     chgrp -u inferno /usr/inferno	
     rc /dist/install/Plan9.rc -u /usr/inferno

add a line to your lib/profile like:

	bind -a /usr/inferno/Plan9/$cputype/bin /bin
after the bind for the existing /bin dorectory

to start inferno use a command like:

     emu -g1000x720

followed by wm/wm to start the window system.

We had to reset the permissions on the inferno /tmp dir. To do this on the fileserver console type:

	remove /usr/inferno/tmp
	create /usr/inferno/tmp 777 d

to set up an inferno home dir on the fileserver

	create /usr/inferno/usr/dpx dpx dpx 744 d

copy the files from /usr/inferno/usr/inferno to your inferno home dir so you can use Charon, and get a reasonable plumbing file. then bind your normal plan9 home dir on top of the inferno home dir and then start inferno

	bind -ca $home /usr/inferno/$home
	emu -g900x900
and then login using wm/logon.

More hints about Inferno/Charon can be found on the tips page

Inferno Updates

Install instruction for the June 2001 Inferno update are available from Vita Nuova.


To install TeX just extract the wrap file using:
     wrap/inst -ov tex.9gz


Andrey Mirtchovski posted instructions on 9fans about how to build perl 5.004_05 on plan9, which worked great for us.


Plan 9 Python Port Contains a pre-built tarball as well as buildable source and instructions.


see our ZPL page


Russ Cox's very cool acd cd player for acme easily built with "mk install", and run by typing acd /dev/sdC0 and running w/ the second button in acme.

CVS client

Russ Cox has ported the CVS client to plan9. We had to make a small patch to get it working on our systems
	diff /sys/src/cmd/cvs/src/client.c.orig /usr/src/cms/cvs/src/client.c
	< 	if (! buf_empty_p (from_server)
	< 	    || getc (from_server_fp) != EOF)
	> 	if (! buf_empty_p (from_server))
after the patch, it can be build with:
	cd /sys/src/cmd/cvs/src/
	mk install

acme wiki




Last Modified: May 27 2002