Secondary CPU servers


Bela runs the same kernel as the gateway machine plan9, the only configuration difference is the sound setup.

3rd Ed. Sound setup

The compaq sp700 contains an unsupported ess16xx sound card, as well as the ISA soundblaster 16. This requires 2 audio entries in plan9.ini the first for the unsupported card, and the second for the working ISA soundblaster card. To use the card just bind the device into /dev
	bind '#A1' /dev
Also notice in the plan9.ini that this machine can also be booted as a terminal.

4th Ed. Sound setup

We were unable to make sound work on bela under the 4th Ed. because of conficts with the onboard sound card. Instead we setup another cpuserver named sound

3rd Ed. video setup

Bela has recently been upgraded to a Geforce2 MX video card. The nvidia driver and install instructions are available from To support the Geforce2 card requires adding a line to vgadb, for our card this line is:
	0xC00CB="NVIDIA GeForce2 MX"
To run at depths > 8 requires removing the check on depth from /sys/src/cmd/aux/vga/nvidia.c (or using the updated version from ) and changing the depth in plan9.ini

4th Ed. video setup

with the 4th Ed. this card is supported out of the box.

4th Ed. Tv tuner setup



Note: decjunk was a 3rd Ed. machine that was not upgraded to the 4th Ed.

The alpha version of plan9 will not boot if a keyboard is not plugged it. We are working on a fix for this.

The only network card we had that was suported by the SRM firmware was a DEC DE500, however this card is not detected correctly by the plan9 driver. So we use the DE500 to bootp the machine and then a Kingston tulip card for the normal network connection.

We also had troubles with the sd53x8xx driver hanging the boot process, so we removed it from apccpu.

Useful debug info from David Gordon Hogan.


Last Modified: May 27 2002