4th ed fileserver upgrade

Using a 4th Ed. standalone terminal build a fileserver kernel.
cd /sys/src/fs/
mkdir test
cp emelie/9pcfs.c test/9testfs.c
cp emelie/dat.h emelie/fns.h emelie/io.h emelie/mem.h test
sed '1s/pc/test/' < emelie/mkfile > test/mkfile
cd test
in /sys/src/fs/test/dat.h change:
#define RBUFSIZE	(16*1024)	/* raw buffer size */
#define RBUFSIZE	(4*1024)	/* raw buffer size */
Apply Forsyth's auth patch.
cp /sys/src/fs/port/con.c /sys/src/fs/port/con.c.orig
Find the line:
		//	authdisableflag = flag_install("authdisable", "-- disable authentication");
in /sys/src/fs/port/con.c and uncomment it.

Add the ga620.c driver to the kernel.

build the kernel and copy it to the fileserver boot floppy.

Last Modified: May 27 2002